Self Control


SELF CONTROL project is aimed at increasing the capability of controlling infrastructures and at the improving the ability to identify phenomena that are going to interfere with the infrastructure itself, by integrating Geo Big Data and GNSS measurements, and monitoring infrastructures (and critical phenomena that interfere with them) plano-altimetric movements, speeds and accelerations.
The exceeding of established displacement/velocity/acceleration thresholds will provide signals of alert to prevent and control structural and stability problems.

SELF CONTROL is based on the integration of some main modules, that are:
* Earth Observation module
* GNSS module
* Cloud module

Earth Observation module

It consists of all the information acquired from satellite constellations that provide Geo Big Data (optical and SAR data). The information used and its resolution varies according to the needs of the infrastructure to be monitored, and it provides the possibility of generating high resolution digital terrain models (DTM), time series relating to movement and speed of the structure and/or terrain, land use maps and cartography.

GNSS module

It is composed of GNSS sensors monumented on segments of the infrastructure to be monitored (portions of the infrastructure where critical phenomena have been reported or identified). The GNSS segment allows real-time control of the position, displacement and speed of the monitored points in real-time or near-real time, using the patented VADASE® approach.

Cloud module

It is composed of the Cloud platform on which all the proprietary algorithms necessary for the management, integration, processing and analysis of data are implemented. The data collected by the sensors are processed inside the Cloud module, whose computational engines are:
- The SISAR software (High Resolution Satellite Image Software). SISAR is a software for the extraction of 3D high-resolution models from satellite images in which an image matching algorithm that uses the image orientation models to limit the search area of the corresponding primitives is implemented, allowing fast and robust matching.
- The VADASE® proprietary algorithm (Variometric Approach for Displacement Analysis Stand Alone Engine). The VADASE® approach allows the use of low-cost single frequency receivers for the evaluation of the displacements and the waveforms typical of a high frequency event (earthquake), unlike the systems of traditional monitoring using dual frequency receivers, allowing to reduce the cost of a system order of magnitude (from tens of thousands of euros to some hundreds).

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